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Skype: camellia20123

Which size ring do you wear?
 What size ring do you wear? Do you know your ring size? please see below, you may get a rough idea of your ring size.

U.S. Ring Size 5 6 7 8 9      
Diameter/mm 15.7 16.5 17.3 18.1 18.9      
 circumference/mm 49.3 51.8 54.4 56.9 59.5      
How to measure the circumference of one's finger?          
Small tools needed: tiny string, rule            
Please use a very tiny string to wrap it around one's finger, mark the part where the string wraps  
around the finger, and measure that part, then you can get a circumference, if the circumference
reads 50.0mm, then she(or he) needs a ring of size 5(49.3mm is almost 50.0).